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Tax and VIEs - crowdsourcing research ideas

Academia is a second career for me. While I enjoy the classroom the most, a close second is working directly with students on research. It is rewarding to see their minds open up as they struggle with a new idea. Many of the posts in this blog come from their work. 

I am quite proud of Quintus Dienst, a German exchange student from last year, who just won the best thesis award from Zeppelin University in Germany. He focused on the taxation of VIEs and has the first original work I have seen in this area. His thesis is linked here and it is a good read for those interested in this topic. I have asked him to do a couple of guest posts on taxes and VIEs – a topic that is timely since the New Oriental scandals. The posts should be up in a few weeks. 

I have a new crop of graduate students looking for interesting research topics, so I am crowdsourcing here. I like to encourage research that has practical application for investors. If you have any ideas for academic research related to accounting in China or overseas listed Chinese companies, post them here or send me an email. I am also looking for China focused funds that could participate in our Consulting Practicum where MBA students do a project under joint supervision by the fund and a faculty member. 

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